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About the Band

In the spring of 2016, Tim Blackman and Lisa Noordergraaf decided  to form a group dedicated to the study, preparation, and performance of jazz music. To fill out the group, we added bass player James Clark, and saxophonist Sabrina Larkin. One of the first tunes the band played together was entitled "Contemplation.” The name seemed a perfect fit for this group of musicians who always strive to broaden their jazz horizons, both as individuals and as a group.

The group performed and recorded as a quartet during 2016 and 2017. In the spring of 2018, drummer Graham Tower joined the group


James Clark is moving to New York in the fall of 2018 to pursue his musical dreams, but we are excited to announce that Mark Pfaff will be taking over the bass playing responsibilities.  

Current Band Members:

Lisa Noordergraaf - saxes

Tim Blackman - piano

Mark Pfaff - bass

Graham Tower - drums

Guest Artists:

Charlie Jennison

Don Davis

Previous Band Members:

James Clark - bass

Sabrina Larkin - saxes

Guest Artist: Charlie Jennison

Multi-instrumentalist Charlie Jennison plays lead alto sax, flute and soprano sax with the Seacoast Big Band and is also a member of the Capitol Jazz Orchestra that plays frequently at the Capital Center for the Arts in Concord, NH.  Currently a partner in the "CJ Duo," he can be found playing piano or saxophone at the Centennial Inn in Concord on Tuesday and Thursday nights, with CJ Poole on bass.

Visit CharlieJennison.com to read more about Charlie and listen to some of his music. 

Guest Artist: Don Davis

Don Davis, a multi reed and flute player, studied composition and saxophone at the Berklee College of music. In 1975, he joined the Creative Music Studio in Woodstock, NY. While attending CMS he crossed paths with many of the great World Music and Jazz musicians in residence at the time. Moving to New York City in 1980, Don pursued various avenues that included performance sin many of the "downtown" venues as well as more prestigious concert halls. Mostly involved with eclectic rock/jazz bands playing original material, he became a full-time member of the Microscopic Septet that has continued to record and perform internationally and can be heard playing the "Fresh Air" theme on NPR. Other recording credits include projects with The Marc Black Band, Davis and Deleault, John Lindberg's TriPolar, Karl Berger, FD Reeve (poet), Swollen Monkeys, Carla Bley, LL Cool J, Material, NY Gong, Larry Chernicoff, Cecilia Zabala, and others. Don has also been a saxophone and music instructor in New Hampshire and continues the adventure of playing improvised music of all sorts!

Lisa Noordergraaf

Lisa's first formal introduction to music came when her mother, a masters student at the Eastman school of Music in Rochester, enrolled her in violin lessons at age 6. The family moved to Miami, FL,  but Lisa chose to move back north to attend college at the University of Rochester, and continue her musical studies at the Eastman School.  In 1989, she moved to Cupertino, California; here she was able to play in many San Francisco Bay-area musical  ensembles while pursuing a career in computer engineering. In 2017, Lisa retired from the computer industry to pursue music on a full-time basis. Lisa is currently a senior at the University of New Hampshire, and hopes to attend graduate school to study jazz performance in the future. When not holding a saxophone, Lisa enjoys quilting, fast cars, and playing in the Freese Brothers Big Band.

Sabrina Larkin

Sabrina took up the saxophone to play in her elementary school's concert band, but over the course of her secondary education, became more and more interested in and infatuated by jazz. When she slowly reintroduced practice back into her routine after a break during college, she was lucky to quickly find a group of people as dynamic and dedicated as those in the Contemplation Jazz Ensemble. Her other hobbies include running and biking slowly, cooking mostly edible food, and reading voraciously.

Tim Blackman

Tim started out on piano, followed by classical and jazz guitar, mallets and tympani, and finally viola. He then set music aside and returned to the piano when his kids moved out of the house. He majored in music (and math) at Brandeis University, with a focus on 20th century music theory, but went on to become a software engineer working on distributed databases. Tim's hobbies include trying to get inside Monk and Bill Evans tunes, perfecting his pizza dough, and waiting for the next William Gibson novel. 

Mark Pfaff 

Mark has played electric and upright bass for about 30 years, in just about every style of music. Initially trained on classical piano from the age of 4, as a teen he learned guitar and bass, and the latter seemed to stick. Mark ran a small private recording studio in Pittsburgh for seven years while playing in many bands, freelancing, and teaching audio production at Duquesne University.  After a brief musical hiatus to pursue a PhD in human factors, Mark resumed teaching audio production at Indian University in Indianapolis from 2008to 2014, when he moved to the Boston are for a new research job. He has since taken advantage of the abundant opportunities in the area to study and play jazz, when he's not working on home improvement projects or landscaping. 

Graham Tower

Graham attended the University of North Texas, where he majored in jazz studies. Graham now works in the financial services industry, and continues to play drums with several local bands. 

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